We Offer a Unique, Competitive Advantage

We provide immediate access to a European Ecosystem and existing professional network.

We Offer a COMPLETE Suite of Services to Businesses

No other company offers a thorough and logical, phased approach to internationalization.

We Help Companies Compete in the European Marketplace

We have developed a European ecosystem of professionals in Sales/Marketing, Manufacturing, Distribution, Accounting, Human Resources (HR), and Taxation to eliminate costly mistakes.

We Provide Innovative and Cost-Effective Go-To-Market Solutions for Europe

We collaborate on a strategy with a company’s sales and marketing division executives, then execute on activities that provide immediate impact.

Global Kinetic's Process Overview

Stage One

Measuring your Opportunities
GK’s objective is to work with companies that meet a profile for success. Thus, aligning US and European businesses and objectives is critical to understanding if a client has the correct successful portfolio that is ready for internationalization. At this first stage GK adds value in anticipating, measuring the exact circumstances and realistic sales expectations for expanding into Europe in the near future.


Stage Two

Planning your Business
Once you have decided to be ready for internationalization, GK develops a strategic and tactical plan with your team that has overarching objectives to create beneficial sales, marketing, and tax strategies. Market Analysis and Distribution Models are Developed specifically for each client.

Stage Three

Immediate Execution
Full Strategic Business Plan Mapping.  GK delivers the detailed implementation of operational functionality. During this stage, GK addresses the logistics and details of import, export, product registration, taxation, distribution, warehousing, and fulfillment. Typically, physical products can be shipped from strategic distribution points (Rotterdam or other advantageous point of entry) to anywhere in the EU within 2 days.

Maximizing Value through Global Expansion into Europe

The European Distribution Model

Frequent Companies Mistakes


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Expand Globally

  • Start Selling Immediately
  • Gain Global Market Share
  • Add Competitive Advantage
  • Increase Shareholder Value

Take Your Company Global

Global Kinetics is an international accelerator enabling US companies to quickly penetrate European markets, scale operations, and compete in the EU as a European entity to increase sales, access new markets, build market share, and brand awareness; all while increasing shareholder value.