Global Kinetics Event Rob Meyer Talk FB 082619

We had a great seminar by Rob Meyer, Global Kinetics Executive Team, on August 27th! Rob Meyer is well known within the European software distribution industry and Top 500 European Enterprises. Rob was involved with the first Apple shipments in Europe and the initial distribution of Microsoft, Quark, Adobe, Aldus, Letraset software and AGFA, Linotron, Compugraphic hardware products within Europe. Rob was an early European proponent of PostScript Image setters, which helped rapidly advance the growth of the digital publishing industry. Rob then joined Adobe where he became known as the “fiery ambassador of the Adobe acrobat PDF workflow” by his customers and the press. Within his eight years at Adobe, Meyer held a number of leading and senior positions in European marketing and product development—both at Adobe Europe in Amsterdam, Holland, and in Edinburgh, Scotland.

A big Thank You to John Freisinger, InnovateABQ Director, for supporting this seminar at their campus.

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In case you missed our FB Live Event, here is the video: