International Business Accelerator

Global Kinetics is an international business accelerator.  By acting as an extension of a company’s management team, we work with small to medium sized companies to help them realize their sales potential in international markets.  We specialize in the European markets and have developed an ecosystem of professionals in Sales/Marketing, Manufacturing, Distribution, Accounting, HR and Taxation.  We are not manufacturing reps, but consultants with offices in the US and Amsterdam that work closely with clients to navigate the complexities of the international marketplace.  We also work with various Venture Capitalists (Angels), Private Equity Firms, and Hedge Funds that are seeking to accelerate growth in international markets to increase market share and valuations in the their companies.  Through our network, we help companies scale quickly, eliminate costly mistakes, and generate sales immediately.  


Why Use GK? … To Add Value

Continued international progression grows the value of the company.  

Global Market Share | Competitive Advantage | Shareholder Value | Global Expansion

Global Market Share | Competitive Advantage | Shareholder Value | Global Expansion



GK Mission Statement

Global Kinetics is an International Business Accelerator, assisting businesses that want to sell globally.  We compliment existing management with expertise that enables them to execute expansion into global markets.  Together we develop efficient solutions with our experience and partners, versus the alternative of costly trial and error.  We promise to be the key mechanism through which companies are successful entering global markets.



Advantages for Our Clients

international business accelerator

> Clear Definition of the Possible Downside

Many who want to expand into international markets do so by trial and error.  This not only costly, but time consuming and gives competitors and advantage while you spin your wheels.  By having Global Kinetics define a clear definition, plan, and exit criteria, you know what the downside cost will be, and not continue to throw good money after bad if there is no practical fit for your company.


> Business Focused–Execute And Sell

Clients who choose to work with Global Kinetics all have one thing in common–they understand the need to get their products to market quickly and cost effectively.

Global Kinetics provides a unique platform for emerging companies to start selling internationally immediately, and then concentrate on learning the international market as they grow. Global Kinetic’s commitment to our clients ensure they have the knowledge required to maintain and grow their sales even after we step away.

Global Kinetics ensures our clients hit the ground running and develop the necessary infrastructure to maintain solid market growth.


> Businesses On The Move

Increased revenue, reduced costs and shortened time to market are reasons customers choose Global Kinetics as their internationalization partner. Global Kinetics provides the know-how and execution necessary for successful market penetration.  Global Kinetics understands the obstacles that companies face when going global and works with our clients to minimize risk and maximize their return on investment.  Global Kinetics helps our customers maintain and grow their international sales, while reducing their overall capital investment by building a lasting sales, marketing and operations team.


> Innovation With Purpose

Global Kinetics clients are businesses on the move–fast growing companies with ready-to-ship technical solutions, who simply may not know where to begin tackling an international market.


  • Software
  • Hardware
  • Technical Components & Products
  • Green IT
  • Media Solutions
  • Medical Technologies

Global Kinetics employees have extensive experience working with US, European and Asian companies–building many of the well-known brands, including many Adobe® and Microsoft® product families. 

> Continued Growth During Market Downturn

A tactical risk many companies face during economic slowdown has been to scale-back or eliminate entirely their international presence. Global Kinetics provides a cost–effective alternative to such measures, ensuring you maintain your market presence and that sales continue.  Global Kinetics recognizes the importance of brand continuity, even during the toughest times.  Global Kinetics works on behalf of many established brands to maintain their sales during restructuring periods.