Global kinetics partners participated in a global export seminar on building proper export plans.

Global Kinetics partners participated in a global Export Seminar on building proper Export Plans.

Global Kinetics US partners participated in a Export Planning Seminar/Workshop Wednesday, August 24th.  The session was hosted by Kay Carrico and Stephan Helgesen, who guided companies from all over New Mexico through the entire export planning process.  The three hour session covered how you turn a export interest into a solid plan for export success. The session covered many of the points needed to prepare a plan a small business could take to the bank to obtain financing, or be used to convince investors the validity of the business and it’s growth opportunities. The session reviewed where to look to obtain important market research, how to choose a target market, how to find an agent or distributor and much much more. Ken Levandoski and Chris Gordon got to meet with many of the companies and enjoyed the presentation from UPS Regional office on the logistics offered for small businesses.