Global Kinetics team attended the 2015 Technology Ventures’ Lab2Venture Open House Event.

Nearly 200 folks wandered the halls and lobby of the TVC office building, chatting, looking at posters, sharing ideas, and making new connections. Elvis was there; so was KISS. We were looking to Rock the economy.  There was a DJ, as well as great food and beer (and wine). TVC even had a VIP lounge hosted by the “Hoff” himself serving mocktails. It was an unconventional way to get the scientific community and the entrepreneurial community in one place—talking to one another.

Many TVC partners were there to just be available to meet any scientist, technologist, inventor or entrepreneur that might stroll up and say “hi.” It was all about flow, interaction, and collaborative collisions.  Great networking forum and really glad TVC hosted such a quality event!