GK at UNM Economic Development Forum KL CG

EDF Attendees including Ken Levandoski and Chris Gordon from Global Kinetics

Principle members Ken Levandoski and Chris Gordon, attended the UNM Economic Development Forum Breakfast Meeting.  The meeting took place in the STP Auditorium, at the UNM Science & Technology Park, 800 Bradbury Dr. SE., Albuquerque, NM 87106.  STC CEO Lisa Kuuttila and New Mexico Angels’ President John Chavez teamed up to present at UNM EDF on how angel investors are filling the investment void for early stage technologies and companies spinning out of the University of New Mexico.

Title: Angel Fund-University TTO Partnerships: Case Study of the University of New Mexico’s STC.UNM and the New Mexico Angels
Presenters: Lisa Kuuttila(STC.UNM) and John Chavez(NM Angels)

The event was very informative and showed the continual growth and momentum that the entrepreneurial Tech Transfer community in New Mexico.  Great job all!UNM-Economic-Dev-Building