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Outsourced Management

Outsourced Management

Global Kinetics offers a customized set of services.  These services are implemented in phased approaches to help you navigate the international marketplace.

Time Usage Evaluation: Core versus Context

Is the idea of one more project on your plate hard to swallow?  We understand ….  Let Global Kinetics professionals act as an extension of your management team.  We can take on the complex tasks of preparing your company for global expansion…..  from getting your first international sale through incorporating your operations.

Is your company focused on what matters most to your organization or are they spending more time on context related issues and less time on their core tasks?  By using Global Kinetics as your strategic business partner, your company can deploy ‘core vs. context’ management principals and technologies and show improvements in operational and financial performance. By letting your executive staff focus on your companies’ core competencies, Global Kinetics can augment your management team with all of the requirements for international growth and expansion.  By changing the balance of management resource allocation, your organization can reap the rewards with more profitable and strategic directional focus.








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