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Government Contracting Services

Global Kinetics have extensive experience in government contracting. We have developed, evaluated, performed, and analyzed defense and commercial related government contracts. We understand what is required to bid in the proposal process and win a successful government contact.  Once the contract is awarded, we understand how to perform the contract to remain in compliance and in a manner profitable to the business on this contract and how to begin to leverage the experience into you next successful contract.  Government contracting can be a challenge that any business must carefully consider and prepare for before expending precious resources of time and money.

As the contract moves forward, the business needs to look at solvency and the ability to sustain and possibly expand business operations through the typical long government payment cycles.

If a company is unable to sustain a 180-day period between product delivery and government payment, contingency plans need to be identified for a stable business operation. Does the company have a line of credit that will sustain the business during these periods? Can the company defer creditor payments until you have been paid on the government contract? These are questions that we can assist you with as you consider pursuing and strategizing on government contracting.  We can also provide an analysis of your proposal against the requirements of the government solicitation. We will review your proposed response to the solicitation to insure that you what you propose is what the government is seeking and that the wording and structure is compliant.

Government contracting can be an excellent way in which to increase the visibility of your business as well as deliver a superior product to the marketplace. The paperwork challenges for government contracting can also become daunting—quality control charts, cost expense reports, labor time charts, general and overhead allowance budgets are just some of the fiscal documents that government contracts will require for a successful government contract.

Global Kinetics can help your firm develop the necessary tools and documentation required for being a successful government contractor. We can help review and if needed, modify and adapt existing tools and processes to match and meet the government structured requirements. Contact us today for a personal discussion on how we can help your organization!  If you are exporting your products internationally, we can also help with your ITAR compliance with the US Department of State.